How often should I service my Suzuki?

This depends on what model you have and its condition, although as a guide:

Every 15,000km or 1 year however some models require 10,000km or 6 months
Turbo and diesel models or heavy use (i.e. towing) may require additional servicing

Why is it necessary to do my Cambelt?

The cam belt essentially connects the top and bottom ends of the motor and it is critical that these components run together with the correct timing. If your cam belt breaks it often causes these parts to collide and can cause internal damage to the motor, which is expensive to fix. Generally your cam belt and components (water-pump, tensioners etc) should be replaced every 100,000 km to avoid them breaking.

Should I use genuine Suzuki parts?

Generally speaking Auckland Suzuki always recommends installing genuine parts, as they are designed specifically for the job and offer better reliability and performance. Sometimes after market parts can provide additional performance, for example high performance brake pads, filters etc. We recommend that you discuss your specific requirements so we are able to offer you the best possible solution.

What does a service cost and how long should it take?

Every vehicle is different and until we can inspect the vehicle, often we won’t know exactly what is required. As such it can vary, although a basic service:

Usually takes a 1-2 hours
Costs start from around $125 + GST

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